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As a madame in the London escorts business, I know that cheap London escorts offer great value for money AND a great service. The simple truth is that a lot of elite escorts in London over bill their dates. Okay, I understand their motives. It is really expensive to have a boudoir or an apartment in London, pay tax and travel around London, but I do think that some of the most expensive agencies around London are way over the top. Surely, you don’t need to offer vintage champagne and designer dresses for a gent to have some serious adult fun?

I have always operated cheap London escorts agencies, and I know that the gents who have come to spend time with my cheap London escorts, have enjoyed themselves just as much as they have with their fine elite escorts. I would much rather have more dates, and less hassle. Working with elite escorts always seem to be mean more hassle than working with cheap London escorts.

Are my girls sexy?

Yes, my girls are just as sexy as the elite girls. If you were to put a couple of cheap London escorts in an elite girls setting in central London, you would not notice the difference at all. It is just a matter of the name of the “neighbourhood” as they say in America. Chelsea might be posh, but does it make the escorts any sexier? No, it doesn’t.

The truth is that cheap escorts in London are sexy young ladies. Some of them may not have as much experience, but I have to say that many gents prefer that. A lot of the girls who work for agencies which charge less, seem to be able to give a much more genuine experience. I know this is true after having spoken to many gents who have dated elite escorts. They say that many of the girls that they have dated are a bit like robots – my girls are nothing like that.

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Cheap London escorts

What about on a night out?

The girls at my agencies are all capable of delivering a good night out. They may not turn up in Chanel dresses, but they will turn up with a smile on their faces. I think that is a lot sexier than Chanel dresses personally. More than anything, my cheap London escorts are always ready to have some fun. The girls really don’t care if you take them for Pie and Mash, or take them to the Savoy. They are ready for anything when it comes to escorting.

What I also really like about my girls is that they can chat. Most gents really like a good chat as well, and if you put an elite escort next to one of my girls, she may come across a bit stiff. This is not really what it is all about. The industry is after all called the adult entertainment industry, and is all about adult fun. My cheap London escorts appreciate that without anyone telling them.

Flexibility of service

You will find that most cheap London escorts services are more flexible as well. Elite girls in central London don’t seem to go out to gents homes on dates. Outcalls are virtually unheard of in central London, and that I also know is frustrating to many local gents. Some local gents who live in places like Chelsea and Kensington actually use our services as we are always happy to come and see them at home.

My girls do have their own places as well, but the girls are happy to go out. The elite girls that I know all expect the gents to come and see them. Outcalls are a big part of our income, and we do them all over London. As long the gents is happy to pay for the girls travel, I am happy to send her out should he sound like a nice gent on the phone.

The girls places are very nice, and the main difference is the postcode. It may have an E in front of it, instead of W or S, but does that really matter? No, it doesn’t. Once again, this is all about having some adult fun and cheap London escorts are capable of delivering that part as well.

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Sexy Cheap London Escorts

Cheap London escorts agencies

Cheap London escorts agencies such as mine can be found in places like north and south London. I do have agencies operating in the East End as well, and many of these girls cover central London. That are seems to be more about outcalls, but more people are moving that way. It is getting more expensive there, but we have not put our prices up. I would rather that the girls dated more instead, and they seem to prefer that as well.

Brixton is a great place to find cheap escorts agencies, and you will be able to meet some black ladies there. Black escorts are becoming popular in London, and many of these sexy ladies run excellent cheap agencies for London gents to enjoy. Also, if you are visiting the Greater London area on what I call ” a flying visit”, you may find that agencies around Heathrow, Luton and Gatwick airports, offer cheap escorts services as well.

My aim is to try to hold the prices low for as long as I can. It is not easy as prices on everything is going up. Our new offices are costing more than the old ones. Still, looking at everything – I think that cheap escorts in London are just as good as elite escorts. You may only be able to afford one hour with an elite girl, but you can certainly afford to spend a lot more time with cheap London girls. After all, isn’t it about the pleasure of a lady’s company?

I think that many elite agencies forget what it is all about, and focus on doing a lot of crazy stuff which gents may not want. Most gents still want an one-on-one date, and things like duo dating, is just a bit of novelty factor I think.


This is a fictional story find more of these at www.charlotteaction.org.